November 12th, 2013

IceBookingIceBooking is a simple but powerful reservation system. Use IceBooking to accept and manage your reservations online. Set daily prices and discounts based on number of nights stayed. IceBooking comes with built-in PayPal support, booking status gets updated automatically once payment has been completed or refunded.

Highlights of IceBooking:

You can among other things:
– Book by night or day
– Pricing by guest count
– Easily manage prices based on week,midweek, weekend and long-weekend.
– Set min/max booking days
– Set max date bookable in future
– Set initial/security deposit per bookable item
– Set daily prices with easy to use interface, each item can be associated with different price category
– Full PayPal integration, updates booking status upon payment completion, refunds or when payment needs to be accepted manually on PayPal.
– Advanced discount rules can be set, each rule can have starting and expiration date.
– Multi language support, makes it super easy for you to accept reservations in a multi language website, you can customise all texts from within the component including the booking item names and email receipts! Works great with Joom!Fish.
– Customisable receipts based on parameters from the booking.
– Customers can see other available items for the selected dates
– Show availability on the frontend where customer can easily see which dates are available and which ones are cheapest.
– Special view and module for those who rent on Weekly/Midweek/Weekend etc basis.