November 14th, 2011

When your project is a magazine or newspapper website you know since the start that your project has almost not only an infine articles and materials but a large number of nested categories as well. This is exactly the point when the exellent IceNewsBlock will came into your project.

With a large set of useful paramters to filter, display and order your Joomla Articles the IceNewsBlock will be one of your most prefered Joomla modules in your arsenal. The power of this module came from its concept, which we have built as an necesity to make our newspapers Premium Temlates. The module is divided into 2 main parts. The leading articles, which you can display your most imporant ones and the secondary ilist of articles, in which only the title is shown and when your visitors move the mouse over they wil see the article descrption, image and some other information.

Also, we suggest that you use this module mulitple times on the same page and chosse to display different categories an each instance. In this way you will have a easy to read content and your visiitors will thank you for how ease is your website to scan.