November 19th, 2011

Do you run a Joomla website that has to display a lot of content and the space available is limited? Then we at IceTheme have answered to this questions by providng you for FREE the clever IceScroller module.

This Joomla module make use of very narrow space to display your articles title in a fade or scrolling way and your visitors can see what is more impotant to them and when they move the mouse over the article title they will see the article description, article image and some more information.

Like our previous Free Joomla Extensions that we have make ready for you the IceScroller module has a set of very useful paramters which you may easily change to suit to your project, where the most notable are the ajax technlogy feature (you can descrease the page load time), multiple theme options (is your website black? then no problem), extreme filitering to display exactly those articles that you project needs to and the ability to display the tooltip exactly in the way you like with its paramters group ready.