May 7th, 2013

IceSlideShow3.0.0 Stable Release [10-NOVEMBER-2012]

Almost all websites needs a big and nice carousel to display their beautiful photos and to attract the user’s attention. Are you trying to find this kind of solution for your Joomla website?

There is no need to look further. Our IceCarousel Joomla module will immediately grab your big photos from your Joomla articles and will turn them to a nice-looking carousel. When we build this module we have a precise goal. It should be easy to be configured and it should be fast-loading.

Of course, taking advantage from the marvelous Bootstrap framework you can be sure that this module will work more than fine and most importantly you have a responsive carousel on your Joomla website. The IceCarousel will adapt to all screen resolutions and your visitors which are browsing your website from a Smartphone will thank you for making their life easy.

Also, worth to be said is that you don’t need to crop your images so that may have the same size. The IceCarousel will do this task for you. Just enter the parameters for your desired width and height and your beautiful photos will be cropped automatically.

Unique Features

* Responsive module to display in all kind of devices
* Resizes images automatically
* Sort out the articles you’ll display with a single click.
* Very easily to be configured.