December 19th, 2011

With the popular release of the IceMegaMenu module and its positive feedback that it received from our members we at IceTheme created another great menu module which is similar to the IceMegaMenu but it can be used in vertical position.

The IceVerticalMenu module shares the same paramters and the same javascript file with the IceMegaMenu module which means that you can easily use the 2 modules on the same page with no conflict at all. Also in conjuction with this module you will find the IceMegaMenu plugin to take your menu on the next level by creating next level dropdown separated by columns or include any joomla module that you wish on the dropdown.

On the other hand you can even disable completely the JavaScript through the module paraters to make your website fast and the menu will work great.

And most imporatant of all … its FREE.