IE Dev Center: Finding the resources you need, quickly

May 20th, 2013

Last week we launched a remodeled Internet Explorer Developer Center ( to make it easier for developers to find the comprehensive documentation quickly. Based on your feedback, we’ve adjusted our site structure as part of a larger Windows Dev Center redesign in order to:

  • Make it easier to find developer topics across versions of IE
  • Find more comprehensive API documentation faster
  • Learn best practices from developer guides, tutorials, and sample code

We organized the new IE Dev Center into three main areas:

Get Started

Here, you can download IE, learn more about F12 developer tools, and access our Developer Guides and Compatibility Cookbooks to learn about what’s new and changed in the latest versions of IE.


Find inspiring ideas, tips on updating to Web standards, details on the browsing experiences of IE10 on Windows 8, useful info about going plug-in free, building adaptive and touch-ready sites, and integrating your site with Windows.


Access portal pages for Web platform features, our API reference, samples gallery, and community forums.

The Develop section represents the heart of the IE library content. To help you find the content you need quickly, we reorganized our most highly-trafficked pages to bring together all the relevant resources on the same topic.

IE Dev Guide: Overview

With the new organization of the IE Developer Center, you don’t have to know which version of IE introduced or changed a feature in order to find all of our information about it. Instead, you can conveniently find our Dev Guide topics through an alphabetical list of the modern Web platform features supported by IE, or you can browse them thematically by area. Of course, we will continue to publish these same topics within the particular IE Dev Guide versions in which they were introduced.

IE Features: A to Z

There are more improvements underway, but hopefully you’ll find the new IE Developer Center immediately more useful and usable. We’ll continue to listen to your feedback and look for ways to make our content easier to access and more relevant to the work you do. We welcome your feedback here in the blog or on the site.

Erika Navara, Content Developer