IE Test Center updates

June 12th, 2010

It’s great to see that the web community and browser vendors are getting value out of the test cases on the IE Testing Center. People are discussing these in blog posts, email, and the W3C mailing lists, which is excellent. We want to make sure these tests are valuable and conform to the various specifications they test.

We received some great feedback over the last few weeks on a number of the test cases we posted on May 5th. I want to thank everyone who provided actionable feedback on the particular test cases. As a result, we updated 15 test cases on the IE Testing Center, submitted those updates to the W3C, and updated the results tables for the same set of browsers we listed in May. Here is the breakdown of the changes:

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on the test cases in the W3C mailing lists.  If you have additional feedback on the test cases, please post it on the appropriate mailing list.

Jason Upton – Test Manager, Internet Explorer