iJoomer Advance

May 20th, 2013

iJoomer AdvanceWe all know how good Joomla Content Management System and to make it better, iJoomer came up with the FREE Android SDK for Joomla Content and JomSocial.

*** Yes, its FREE and shipped with Joomla Component(JSON POWERED) + Android SDK + NO RECURRING FEES ***

*** Integrates in your Existing Android App ***

TOP FEATURES (Joomla Content):
– Manage Mobile Application Menu From Joomla Admin Panel
– Three Menu Positions in Mobile app. “Home Screen”, “Slide Out” & “Bottom Tabs”
– All Native Article Views of Joomla Supported.
– WebLink Assignment to Menu Items.
– AdMob Integration.

TOP Features (JomSocial)
– Facebook Like Interface for Mobile App
– Send Push Notifications
– Upload Photos / Videos from Mobile Device to JomSocial
– Tag Photos.
– Events, Groups, Preferences and almost all the things you do from JomSocial Website Interface can be done from Mobile App.

You can download the component, install on your Joomla, download the SDK from GITHub, make theme related alterations or anything you want and push the app to Google Play.

All your data is with you and on YOUR own Server.