iJoomla SEO

September 12th, 2013

Are you ready to do SEO for Joomla? Get this Joomla SEO extension today and save up to 95% of the time doing Joomla SEO!

* Joomla Meta Tags Manager
* Joomla On Page Optimization easily
* Joomla Keywords Monitoring on Google

iJoomla SEO is the ultimate solution for optimizing your Joomla site for search engines. It allows you to:

* Cut your SEO time by 95%
* Manage all your meta tags in one convenient page
* Monitor your keywords/phrases on Google
* Mark important keywords as “Sticky” to monitor them easily
* Check and fix keywords saturation
* Create automatic anchor links for specific keywords
* Wrap keywords with bold, strong or underline tags
* Add an Alt tag automatically to images
* Create redirects
* Add HTML heading to Joomla CSS classes

Note: iJoomla SEO is doesn’t add SEF to your articles.


Every page of iJoomla SEO backend has a link to a video tutorial, you don’t need to read long manuals, even though we do provide a comprehensive manual.

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