I’m feeling lucky

October 12th, 2013

It’s a Joomla! online installer: you can install any version of your favourite CMS with a small file directly online and in just 30 seconds!

It’s made up from just 1 small file (less than 10Kb) which will load and extract the selected version of Joomla! on your server for you. You have just to upload this small file on your server and call it hrough your browser (yoursite.xx/go.php)

Don’t you feel lucky?

+ Joomla! online installation
+ Wizard (just 2 steps)
+ Tested on the worst servers of ever!
+ Automatically tries to set (temporarly) the right configuration for your php.ini
+ Just few KBs to upload on the server and nothing else
+ Log with detailed errors reporting
+ Automatic isntallation files deletion after completed
+ You can easily select the Joomla! werion you desire
+ Automatic update of Joomla! avaible versions list!
+ It alerts you if a Joomla! installation is already on the server
+ Wrong O.S. and PHP version detecion