Image Ads

September 17th, 2011

Image AdsA FREE commercial-grade component to sell ad space on your Joomla website. It works like a Mini Ad Spots module, but it’s more flexible and completely automated. Your users create ads, upload their own photo, then pay for a PayPal subscription. You just have to approve the ad on the backend and collect your money! It is compatible with Joomla 1.5 and 1.6/1.7.


* Minimum management overhead – everything is automated!
* Users create their own ads via the front-end component
* Users upload their own Ad image with the included Image Upload Form
* Automatic integration with PayPal Website Standard Payments Subscriptions
* Configurable for any Country and Currency
* Option to use PayPal Sandbox for testing
* Admin can edit Ad details or replace the Ad image via the admin component
* Image size can be set to any width and height
* Ads can be set to open in a new window or the current window
* Ads can be set to use regular or nofollow links
* Admin can set a Minimum Acceptable Price in case they want to change the Ad Price and still want to accept existing PayPal subscription payments
* System admin plugin puts a notice at the top of the admin page that tells you the current status of your ads, and warns if there are any ads awaiting approval
* Email notifications to tell users when their ad has been approved or rejected
* Admin listings page allows filtering by:
** Search Term
** Approval Status
** Payment Status
* Admin listings page is sortable by:
** Display URL
** Status
** Owner
** Created At
** Last Paid At
** Image Ad ID
* Language files for front-end and backend component, plugin and module
* CSS files for display module and component


1.0.4 – September 15, 2011
Fixed missing “index.html” files on install

1.0.3 – July 21, 2011
NEW: About panel in admin options
IMPROVED: Some language strings

1.0.2 – July 16, 2011
FIXED: Module JModel error on frontend display
NEW: Clears module cache after approving an ad on the backend
IMPROVED: Changed several language strings

1.0.1 – July 12, 2011
FIXED: Approval/rejection emails sent to admin instead of user
IMPROVED: Display user’s username, real name, and email on admin page
FIXED: Broken registration link

1.0.0 – July 11, 2011 – Initial Release