Image Show GK4

July 26th, 2011

GK4 is new generation of our extensions based on the GNU General Public License.

Image Show GK4 module is the next step of development of our tools which are used for presenting content on a page in an attractive way.

With Image Show GK4 module, you can create slideshow on a site which include various images and article fragments or texts defined by a user.

Thanks to slide management system integrated in the module, its support is very easy, intuitive and fast. With the new method of creating module styles you can easily move your slideshow style from one template to other template.

From now on, thanks to rebuilt administrative panel, it allows to manage slides without additional component use.

In comparison with Image Show GK3 module and Photoslide GK3 component, such changes were implemented:

– panel for managing slides built in module options
– two types of content supported: articles and user own text
– module options look totally rebuilt
– improved and more flexible module structure
– rebuilt structure of the module styles
– possibility for installing module styles from different templates
– simplified management of the module style custom options
– built-in support for native com_media component
– built-in native Joomla! article selector in slide configuration
– bigger possibilities for module styles
– module ID generated automatically

Thanks to these changes, Image Show GK4 Module support is easier and more convenient. Slides management from module level allows to specify and modify a given module content quickly.