July 17th, 2011

Just upload your images, add them to your articles and display all images in the desired size – properly scaled.

ImageScaler is useful and easy to use a plugin that resizes and displays images in articles – cropped and letterbox – plus caching the resized images. It allows easy thumbnail creation and mini galleries.

Depending on your setup, the images are resized within given boundaries, keeping the ratio (letterbox), or being cropped.

It provides folder-based batch processing where the images will display as series – including details view in the modal window.

Other Features:

** Unlimited number of images per article

** Background colors for letterboxed images

** Cached images or on-the-fly creation

** Custom cache folders

** Custom “alt” and “title” for the generated image tags

** Max. filesize setting for image processing

If you have feature requests for this plugin, please let us know!