Important announcement about your My Opera account

October 31st, 2013

When My Opera was launched as a support forum in 2001, it quickly became an important place for us to meet with you. We had so much great interaction with you that we wanted to do more with our forums and our community. In 2006, we had a silly but fun idea. "What if we put our forums on steroids? Let's build a site where you can blog, share photos and add each other as friends." At that time, there were no good services for what we wanted. We decided to build it ourselves.

We saw My Opera grow into a passionate community site. For us, this whole idea of giving you a place where you could blog and share photos turned into an interesting, and very large, side project. Over the years, we've seen social media and blogging sites pop up, which offer more and better features than we could possibly maintain. These offerings are their sole business. You all know their names and you probably use their services already.

The explosion of these sites and the amount of resources we need to maintain our own service has changed our outlook on My Opera. We have made decision to shutdown My Opera as of March 1, 2014.