Inceptive 500px Image Showcase

November 12th, 2012

Inceptive 500px Image ShowcaseInceptive 500px Image Showcase is a Joomla bundle consisting of a Content Plugin and a Module that adds image showcase functionality from 500px photography community.

Shortcode support for Joomla Articles & K2 items usage
Joomla module
Implements Joomla MVC
Supports Joomla Template Overrides
Supports the use of the slider/gallery of your choice by just adding the slider/gallery folder, on both plugin and module, and doin’ some PHP magic (for advanced users)
Supported sliders/gallerys are fully parametrized from the plugin settings in Joomla Plugin Manager
Nivo Slider & Camera Slideshow themes implemented for the Content Plugin. Pretty Photo theme implemented for the Module
Multiple 500px API calls support (popular, fresh, upcoming, user photos, user favorites, tag based search)
Ready for translation