Inceptive Image Gallery for K2

November 9th, 2012

Inceptive Image Gallery for K2Inceptive Image Gallery for K2 is an easy way to present multiple images on your K2 items using famous sliders and galleries.

Fully support K2 Plugin framework
Implements Joomla MVC
Supports Joomla Template Overrides
Slider/Gallery can be placed in all supported K2 positions
Supports Joomla Template overrides
Supports the use of the slider/gallery of your choice by just adding the slider/gallery folder and doin’ some PHP magic (for advanced users)
Supported sliders/gallerys are fully parametrized from the plugin settings in Joomla Plugin Manager
Utilizes K2 Image Browser for file handling
Different slider/gallery per K2 item supported
Different K2 position per K2 item supported
Nivo Slider & Camera Slideshow themes implemented
And many more…
More information at Inceptive K2 Image Gallery site

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