Infinite Scroller

June 11th, 2013

Infinite ScrollerEndless category pages and item listings by Infinite Scroller only with few clicks.

Infinite Scroller is Joomla! plugin that automatically loads the next page with articles and creates endless page experience. With this plugin you will never need to wait the next page to load or to click on the pagination links.

Our plugin is fully automated and understand on what page is loaded – Joomla category, K2 category, K2 tag view, K2 user view or K2 search page. Also you have option to set custom selectors which will allow the plugin to work almost on every component.

Another key feature of the plugin is that automatically changes the pages in the URL, whit this functionality you can share the exact page that you are looking at.

To load the next page, the plugin needs to know what type of articles you are using into the menu. You need to setup your menus to use only leading or only intro type articles, if the menu is for Joomla! Category.
If the menu is for K2 category, you need to set it to use only leading, only primary or only secondary items.

Infinite Scroller comes with plenty additional options:
• Select menus – you can select on which menu to load the plugin
• Loading text – you can show/hide info message when the next items are loading
• Articles type – specify which type of article you will use in your Joomla! categories
• Load in K2 categories – enable/disable the plugin on K2 categories
• Load in K2 tag views – enable/disable the plugin on K2 tag views
• Load in K2 user views – enable/disable the plugin on K2 user views
• Load in K2 generic views – enable/disable the plugin on K2 generic views
• Custom selectors – you can use these selectors to configure the plugin to work with other extensions