Instagram Flyout Photo Display

August 30th, 2012

Instagram Flyout Photo Display is a Joomla Plugin that enable you to proudly showcase your Instagram photos on a Flyout at Joomla Content. This is an excellent, lightweight and easy to use Plugin which is packed with full customization that will help you tweak every settings to make the Flyout look great on your site.

You have full control photo county, thumb size, preview image size on hover, colors, rounded corner, mobile detection option, gradient styling, which side to show, remember close option for flyout and what not. Check out the Admin screen shot below to take a look at the customization options provided.


+ Two different sites/instagram client for finding RSS Url and

+ Shows Instagram pictures as thumbnail with this Joomla module
+ Determine # of images to show (photo count) and how many on single row
+ Rounded corner
+ Large thumbnail photo preview on mouse hover
+ Choose color (with color picker) for preview background and border
+ Gradient style options
+ Flyout control (end of window, scroll end or half window)
+ Flyout style (fade in/out, slide in/out)
+ Advanced caching for fast loading
+ Mobile Device Compatible: Detect mobile device, show/ hide option