InteliWISE Virtual Agent

December 9th, 2011

InteliWISE Virtual AgentInteliWISE Virtual Agent

Personalized invitations for your visitors to share your content over social web.

InteliWISE Virtual Agent allows you to use our smart targeting system to allow you to approach your visitors in a different way. Unlike standard ‘share’ buttons that are crowding blogs and other websites that are crowding the pages and therefore are often overlooked or plain ignored, our Virtual Agent will allow you to use our scripts & triggers engine to approach your visitor in the right moment, GREATLY INCREASING your potential to GET SHARED on social networks and therefore gain wider recognition.

With our tool, you can very precisely specify the conditions for our bookmarking widget to appear by using conditions like:
– Elapsed time – to capture moment when your visitor has ended reading an article
– User visited specific page – to display additional RELEVANT information about the page, product or article going beyond just ‘share it if you like it’
– User visited one of the following pages – to capture specific visitors, possibly interested in a test drive or free sample of a book

In addition, you can also customize it all with:
– Rich html message
– Color scheme
– Background of your choice
– One of our many actors