Internet Explorer 9 Now Available in 93 Languages

May 25th, 2011

Internet Explorer 9 is now available in more local languages than any other browser on Windows. Today, we released support for IE9 in 53 additional languages, making IE9 available in a total of 93 languages.

Please visit the Worldwide downloads page to download IE9 in a language of your choice. Here’s the complete list of languages Internet Explorer 9 is available in, starting with the originally released 40 and followed by the 53 new languages in blue:

Arabic Lithuanian Bengali (India) Malayalam
Bulgarian Norwegian (Bokmål) Bosnian (Cyrillic) Maltese
Catalan Polish Bosnian (Latin) Maori
Chinese (Hong Kong SAR) Portuguese (Brazilian) Filipino Marathi
Chinese (Simplified) Portuguese (Portugal) Galician Nepali
Chinese (Traditional) Romanian Georgian Norwegian (Nynorsk)
Croatian Russian Gujarati Oriya
Czech Serbian (Latin) Hausa Persian
Danish Slovak Icelandic Punjabi
Dutch Slovenian Igbo Quechua
English (US) Spanish (Spain) Inuktitut Serbian (Cyrillic)
Estonian Swedish Irish Sesotho
Finnish Thai isiXhosa Setswana
French Turkish isiZulu Sinhala
German Ukrainian Kannada Tamil
Greek Vietnamese Kazakh Tatar
Hebrew Albanian Khmer Telugu
Hindi (India) Afrikaans Kiswahili Urdu
Hungarian Amharic Konkani Uzbek
Indonesian Armenian Kyrgyz Welsh
Italian Assamese Luxembourgish Yoruba
Japanese* Azerbaijani Macedonian
Korean Basque Malay (Brunei Darussalam)
Latvian Bangla (Bangladesh) Malay (Malaysia)

* Japanese language support released on April 25, 2011

A browser in the language of the user’s choice is an important part of delivering the best experience of the Web on Windows. With IE9, our goal was to deliver more languages faster. With today’s release, IE9 is available in all languages that Windows Vista is available in and in 93 of 96 languages Windows 7 is available in.

Installing Internet Explorer 9 in a language of your choice

You can install localized versions of IE9 in a language that matches your version of Windows or choose to install the English version of IE9, which works with all versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Users on multi-lingual versions of Windows or users who have already installed IE9 English or one of the previously supported languages can install a language pack to experience IE9 in one of the new languages released today. Please visit the Microsoft Download Center pages below to download IE9 language packs.

IE9 through Windows Update for the 53 new languages released today

We will start offering IE9 to customers in one of the 53 new languages starting next week via the Automatic Update feature of Windows Update. As described earlier, we will offer IE9 via a gradual rollout and expect the rollout to be largely complete by the end of June.

IE9 language packs will also be available as an optional update via Windows Update to help users who have IE9 installed and one or more Windows Language Interface pack in the 53 new languages available today.

More Languages, Faster: From IE8 to IE9

With IE9, our goal was to deliver more languages faster. More specifically, our goals included the simultaneous release of final IE9 in more languages than IE8, and a shorter interval between the final release of IE9 and the remaining languages.

Internet Explorer 8 Internet Explorer 9
  • 3 Languages for Beta 1, 25 Languages for Beta 2
  • 25 Languages for Release Candidate
  • Simultaneous release of 25 languages at general availability
  • 63 languages on Windows Vista and XP for general availability
  • 33 languages for Beta
  • 40 languages for Release Candidate
  • Simultaneous release of 39 languages at general availability
  • 93 languages for general availability
  • 14 weeks from general availability to remaining languages
  • 11 weeks from general availability to remaining languages

Customizing IE9 using IEAK9

With this release, IEAK9 now supports building custom IE9 packages in all 93 languages. IEAK9 is a tool used to simplify the creation, deployment and management of customized IE9 packages. You can download IEAK9 from Please see the TechNet site for information on using IEAK9 to build custom IE9 packages.

Thank you for using IE9 in a language of your choice, and we hope you will enjoy this release as much as we do!

—Vishwac Sena Kannan and Kevin Luu, Program Managers, Internet Explorer

Updated chart of languages by browser to show Opera 11.0 with 44. Other minor corrections. —Ed.