IP Mapping

November 10th, 2013

IP MappingThis extension displays IP address locations within Google Map(s). It takes the ideas from a Joomla 1.5 extension Visitors Google Map Lite by
Serdar Gokkus and builds upon the capability in a number of ways. It provides full Joomla 2.5/3/x compatibility and implements a fully functional back end component.
It is possible to store IP addresses against specified ‘reasons’ and display these upon a Google Map based upon the specified reasons.
The developer uses it to display ‘spam’ and ‘invalid logon’ attempts on the site to better understand the source of the ‘attacks’.

The components displays the information upon Google Maps accessed through a configurable mapper module on the front end of the site. Multiple instances of the module can be used on the site.

It uses Google Map API V3 and the IP geolocation API of IPInfoDB. In some circumstances the IPInfoDB information is not available
and in these instances it obtains the IP geolocation from Geobytes as a backup.

There are three distinct means of deriving the IP addresses to map:
1. Manual entry of an IP address.
2. Obtain IP addresses from Akeeba Admin Tools Pro Web Application Firewall log.
3. IP addresses of site visitors. Site visitor information can be captured by a ‘visitor agent’ module and stored within the component database table. These entries are dynamically controlled to ensure that the visitor IP addresses are only stored for the required
time before being removed from the database table.

Features of the component:
1. Google Map API V3 is used so no Google API KEY is required.
2. Clustering of existing markers.
3. Multiple map displays can be presented upon a single web page.
4. Size of maps are configurable.
5. Ability to load IP addresses from Akeeba Admin Tools Pro Web Application Firewall log.
6. Manual entry of IP addresses.
7. Private IP address ranges excluded from the search of the Geolocation sources.
8. Ability to run synchronisation as a cron task.

This extension comprises of a Joomla administrator compoment and two modules.

com_ipmapping: This component provides control over the contents of the database tables and permits addition and modification of entries.
mod_ipmapping_mapper: This module is responsible for the display of the Google Map(s) in the desired module position(s). It also makes use of the Google Closure compiler.
mod_ipmapping_visitoragent: This module is responsible for the updating visitors information in the component database table.