iRelated Articles

June 12th, 2013

iRelated ArticlesIdeal Related Articles has several advantages when compared to Joomla! related articles and to the competitors:

Increases the time the user spends in your website. As your visitors reads the article, they are presented with links to articles that are related to the one that is displayed;
The content editor can manually set the related articles, so they are not automatically created based on keywords which are not very accurate;
Decreases user bounce rate: Because the content plugin displays related article in the middle of content, if the user does not like the current content is more likely to click on a related article than hitting the browser’s back button;
Improves Search Engine Optimization for your website (by adding the article’s Keywords at the end of the content);
More visually appealing: With the plugin you can display part of the article’s text and a thumbnail image, which is created automatically using the first image in the article;
Extra: The content plugin has an extra option: you can load custom code in selected paragraphs. Ideal for a note to your users in HTML OR a Javascript code, Google AdSense code for instance 😉

How the Content Plugin works:

It counts the number of paragraphs and inserts a “block” of “Related Articles” after the configured position(s);