IsotopeAds layout for AdsManager

November 11th, 2013

IsotopeAds layout for AdsManagerIsotopeAds is a powerful module for Adsmanager component, allowing you to display your ads in a dynamic, filterable and sortable mansory layout. Your ads are displayed in a fashionable manner with a filter animation effect. It’s based on the incredible Isotope plugin for jQuery with all the benefits and capabilities present, and enhanced with a responsive design. This means that your IsotopeAds will be equally beautiful and usable on platforms as varied as a small mobile screen to a HD monitor.
IsotopeAds is ready to go out of the box, and you can always adapt it according to your needs thanks to the various options available, all of them can be easily set in backend of Joomla.
It’s time to bring your classifieds website to life! IsotopeAds will animate your website and please the user with a bit more motion while navigate the ads

★ Filterable and Sortable dynamic layout for ads
★ Ajax pagination system to load more ads
★ Responsive design
★ Nice hover effect with a short description of the ads
★ Display the ad image
★ Dedicated support (Forum, Documentation, Ticket system)

Module Settings:
★ Choose to filter ads by all root categories or just specific ones
★ Sort Ads by price, date and title or by other custom fields
★ Choose the image size (small, medium, large)
★ Choose the fields to display with the ads
★ Choose the number of ads per page
★ Manage the visibility of the ordering system (ascending, descending)
★ Manage the visibility of the category tag of the ads
★ Option to manage the load JQuery framework
★ Option to hide the Adsmanager front view
★ Option to exhibit the module in either the front view or in all views of Adsmanger

★ Joomla 2.5.x
★ Joomla 3.x
★ AdsManager 2.7.x
★ AdsManager 2.8.x
★ AdsManager 2.9.x