iTwitter Widget

June 11th, 2013

The iTwitter Like Box is a social plugin that enables Twitter Page owners to attract and gain Twitter Follows from their own website. The Twitter Like Box enables users to:

• See how many users already like this Page on Twitter, and which of their Twitter friends like it too
• Read recent posts from the Twitter Page
• Like the Twitter Page with one click, without needing to visit the Twitter Page
• Many Twitter users use this type of plugin to gain Twitter Follows in an attempt to grow a Twitter audience that they can then later market to

Why should I use iTwitter Widget?

In other words…
What is special about this Joomla Twitter Display module?

Custom Twitter colors
Custom Twitter display
Custom Twitter Follows
Any size of Twitter dimensions
Easy to install and implement into any Joomla website
Great support for this

Other iTwitter Widget Features :
Twitter Like Box
Twitter Recent Activity Box
Twitter Stream Box
Twitter Recommendations Box
Twitter Comments
Twitter Send Button
Twitter Like Button
Twitter Facepile Box
Flexible Configuration
Compatible with Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, & 2.5

iTwitter Widget Attributes:

href – the URL of the Twitter Page for this Like Box
width – the width of the Twitter plugin in pixels. Default width: 300px.
height – the height of the Twitter plugin in pixels. The default height varies based on number of faces to display, and whether the stream is displayed. With the stream displayed, and 10 Twitter faces the default height is 556px. With no faces, and no stream the default height is 63px.
colorscheme – the color scheme for the Twitter plugin. Options: ‘light’, ‘dark’
show_faces – specifies whether or not to display Twitter profile photos in the Twitter plugin. Default value: true.
stream – specifies whether to display a stream of the latest posts from the Twitter Page’s wall
header – specifies whether to display the Twitter header at the top of the Twitter plugin.
border_color – the border color of the Twitter plugin.
force_wall – for Twitter Places, specifies whether the stream contains posts from the Place’s wall or just checkins from friends. Default value: false.

Thank you for considering iTwitter Widget for your Twitter display needs. Feel free to ask us any Twitter questions or iTwitter Widget suggestions, we are happy to listen.

Why Twitter is important?

Twitter isn’t just a social platform that college kids use to cheat on test exams. Large corporations use Twitter to build their business. By putting a Twitter display widget on their website they will soon grown their Twitter status but increasing their “Follows” with they can then continue to direct market at anytime through their Twitter account. Twitter could be just as valuable as google right now and if you don’t have a way to link your Twitter page to your website, you are missing out on a large Twitter audience that you could potentially