Ivan Herman and Bill McCoy to address the Publishing and EPUB road-map at EPUB Summit

March 3rd, 2017

EPUB logoPublishing@W3C champion Bill McCoy and W3C Fellow from CWI Dr. Ivan Herman will join an impressive line-up of speakers next week at the EPUB Summit, 9-10 March 2017 in Brussels, Belgium, hosted by W3C member EDRLab. The second such event, EPUB Summit will focus on the future direction of EPUB 3, now under W3C oversight following the combination with IDPF. Registration for the EPUB Summit is still open.

A technical expert in the field, Herman is part of the leadership team of Publishing@W3C as well as the overall Strategy team of W3C. Herman was recently appointed a W3C Fellow by CWI, Amsterdam, where he is a member of the Distributed and Interactive Systems research group. He played a seminal role in the combination of W3C and IDPF and has served as primary technical staff driver for the Digital Publishing at the W3C since inception in 2013. At the EPUB Summit Herman will talk about the IDPF/W3C combination, and the roadmap for upcoming technical work for the development of new standards in Publishing.

McCoy, former Executive Director for IDPF, will lead the closing session at the EPUB Summit, integrating the collective sessions and ideas into the roadmap for Publishing@W3C.