March 1st, 2012

J.B.PeopleJ.B.People is an extension for displaying people photos, along with all kind of custom information.


Ability to import all Joomla Users with a single click of a button.
Create new user (These users are not stored as Joomla users)
Can upload GIF, JPEG and PNG images.
Ability to add infinite number of custom fields.
Ability to sort fields by order.
Can add html tags such as anchor tags into the fields.
Uses Joomla default content editor for profile pages.

Ajax-based Cloud view
List view
jQuery driven
Profile pages (details)

Component Dimensions
Adjustable Color & Background
Adjustable image sizes (cloud view)
Adjustable image maximum rotation (cloud view)
Easing speed (cloud view)
Easing type (cloud view)
For all settings refer to the documentation

Uses its own jQuery library, jQuery UI, CSS Resets.

jQuery library is automatically turned off if the component detects there is another library already loaded.