February 9th, 2012

J.B.Slider is a Joomla! extension for presenting your articles in an interesting and
fresh way, making your website more enjoyable for your visitors!
Simple to use and configure, you can easily match J.B.Slider with your website look.
The Extension does not require any Joomla! content modifications, therefore it will not interfere
with your website content, risking to break anything upon installation or uninstall.


* Autoslide
* Adjustable transition speed.
* 32 easing effects.
* Color customizable.
* Admin Component for setting Images & Thumbnails to the articles without editing the articles themselves.
* Own media library for storing Images & Thumbnails.
* Can use Joomla! SEO Article Links.
* jQuery driven.
* Uses its own jQuery library, jQuery UI, noConflict file and CSS Resets. It is possible to turn on/off these options through the module advanced parameters.