J – Google AdSense for K2

July 21st, 2011

J – Google AdSense for K2 is The EASY, the FAST, the SAFE and the COMPLETE Joomla! Google AdSense extension for K2, Because it is designed SPECIFICALLY for GOOGLE ADSENSE, and not for other Google services or other ad like Yahoo… No need to create an ad unit and copy & paste the code, all this can be done easily & quickly just from the extension’s parameter.

* Your ad code is generated and integrated automatically.

J – Google AdSense for K2 is a :
Plugin to insert Google AdSense ads in the top or bottom of your K2 content.
J – Google AdSense Module, Plugin and K2 Plugin are independent of each other, they can be used separately or all together.

J – Google AdSense for K2 manages all aspects of Google AdSense for your website. Easy and complete! All options accessible with Google AdSense are accessible with J – Google AdSense plugin for K2.

Joomla! 1.5 & K2 installed!

Installing & Upgrading:
– Download the Plugin J – Google AdSense for K2.
– Go to your back-end, install the J – Google AdSense for K2 plugin using Joomla installer.
– Go to the Plugin Manager and enable the J – Google AdSense for K2, here you can find all Joomla – Google AdSense for K2 options.