December 1st, 2013

J4Schema*** J4Schema is available for Joomla 1.5, too ***

Are your trying to transform your search results into rich snippets instead of simple links?

Well, you should know that in June 2011, three main search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) created a new standard for semantic search: .

Semantic search, what does it mean?

Let me show you a common situation.
The word “Avatar” can have more meanings: it could be a film title, an user image on a forum and a lot of other things. We can understund what we’re talking about using the context, a machine can’t, it needs more information.

For this reason dictionary was created: adding its elements we can define if a man is a director movie, the length of a video or how many comments an item received.


So, by now, a question should popped inside your mind: “Very nice, but why should I take this extra work?”.
Adding these tags won’t make you climb position, but you’ll have much more: your results will become nicer than simple links since they will be transformed in “rich snippets”.

J4Schema is a visual editor for attributes: you can add them quickly to your pages, you only have to select the text you want to “enrich” and you can start adding attributes.

We set up a demo site, to show you the final result that you could achieve:

WARNING: As stated in the docs and in the download page, this components works only with JCE editor; so you need to use it in order use J4Schema