JAD Skimlinks

July 16th, 2011

The JAD Skimlinks plugin adds the Skimlinks javascript code to your Joomla webpages so that you can start earning affiliate revenue while saving you time!

Skimlinks makes it easy to earn affiliate revenue from thousands of retailers. No more manually entering affiliate links and codes. Just link to the product page and the Skimlinks plugin adds an affiliate code automatically. If you mention a product or brand, then Skimwords will automatically add a link to to that word with your affiliate code.

Simple steps to start earning

1 Add the JAD Skimlinks plugin to your site
2 Create content with links to products and services as normal
3 Skimlinks turns your product links and product references into affiliate links
4 You earn a commission when users click on these links and make a purchase

Skimlinks convert your links into affiliate links for you

No merchant sign ups – get instant access to 12,000+ affiliate programs

Centralized reporting, revealing what your users click on and buy

Preferred merchant rates to make our service as good as free