Javascript Calendar

July 9th, 2011

This is a Javascript-based calendar with advanced features wich can show dates from january 1, 1900 to december 31, 2199. This is made possible by using date functions that I’ve been written. The reason to use Javascript is that the page doesn’t have to be reloaded when selecting a diffrent month or year.

Easy change of month and year through drop-down lists and return to todays date through a link.

It is possible to fully customize The calendar through parameters:
Select if images of the moonphases shall be shown in the calendar, how and if week numbers shall be shown, the first day of the week, the religious day of the week and its style wich is possible to change through its CSS parameters (all calendar parts has its own CSS parameter wich makes it easy to personalize the calendar to make it blend in on your site).

Can handle all types of flag days, feastdays and public holidays, even moveable ones. This is possible by coding the feast days and save them in a file. This feature is also language dependent.
You can choose when the feastday shall occur, the available options are :
First, second, third or last sunday to saturday in a month.
First sunday to saturday from a specific date.
Days before or after Easterday, specify 0 days for Easterday itself.
A fixed date and month

Choose how the feastday shall be shown in the calendar by using diffrent styles wich is selected through a parameter in the feastday code , possible selections are: if it’s a public holiday or not or if it’s a minor feast day.

Choose if the feastday is a public flag day or not and you can choose to display the feast day between specific years or if it shall occur every second, third etc. year.

I’ve translated swedish public holidays, flag days and feastdays to english. To make the swedish flag appear on a non swedish site you must set the parameter Languagedependent flag image in the group Flag image to No