JavaScript Open Day and Edge Conf

July 1st, 2015

Last week, Bruce and I were in London for two high-profile web standards events.

On Friday, Microsoft invited me to speak about installable web apps at their first JavaScript Open Day: I talked about various exciting recent additions to the web stack, such as Service Workers and device APIs, and of course also “add to Home screen”, which we’ve previewed in a labs build last week. You can find a video of my talk below.

On Saturday, it was time for Edge Conference, which is a “day of group discussion and debate on advanced web technologies for developers and browser vendors.” I moderated the “installing web apps” breakout session, which turned out to be an excellent one hour discussion with various browser representatives and mobile web developers, covering “add to Home screen” functionality, its UX, permissions, OS integration, and much more. It got the best rating of all Edge sessions, so you can tell we had a blast 🙂

For those interested, Bruce’s raw notes of the breakout are available on Google Drive and here’s an image of the session as well.

As a final note, we’d be very interested in talking to any developers who are implementing add to Home screen, Service Workers or Push Notifications on real, commercial websites, with a view to publishing an article on Dev.Opera (we even pay!). Tweet us at @ODevRel.