JBZoo App for Zoo

June 2nd, 2013

JBZoo is a special application for a free Zoo. It can replace all Apps from Yootheme (text pages, Blog, Product Catalog, Business Directory and other). JBZoo also has Alpha Index for Categories and Items.

The main advantage of JBZoo is a flexible templates system:
★ It has options for number columns in subcategories and items.
★ New fields for category (teaser description, images, etc).
★ Additional settings for category (Each category and subcategory may have own unique template).

JBZoo has new elements for Zoo:
★ JBImage is repeatable element with jQuery Fancybox and many other options.
★ JBCascadeSelect is group of HTML “select”, which every list depends of the previous value. For example, if you choose country, show only those cities, that there are in it.
★ JBNivoSlider is beautiful slider, where images are selected from a folder. There are auto resize, effects settings, time delays, etc.
★ JBGallery is gallery element with fancybox, where images get from a folder. Gallery has a slide-show mode and many other options.

All this functionality without one hack of core ZOO code or giving up any existing functionality of the standard Free Zoo.