December 5th, 2013

JChatSocial is the NEW, most advanced and cheap chat system embedded in your Joomla! without fees , subscriptions or domains limitations! NOW SUPPORTS SKYPE BRIDGE™ FOR VIDEO CHAT! Now integrated with EasySocial!
You won’t find such a powerful chat extension at this price among Joomla! community!

JChatSocial is a new generation advanced system to communicate and share data with other Joomla! users in easy way on your site and offers unique features:

•Skype bridge™ for video call
•Live support help desk capable
•Guest users supported
•Social extensions integrable
•File attachment exchange
•Private chat between users
•Group chat for multi users conversations
•Audio sounds for incoming messages
•Mobile devices support iOS, Android and more
•Save and delete conversation
•Avatars images
•Emoticons with key shortcuts
•Realtime users search
•Server load fine tune for performance optimization
•Email notification for new conversations
•Users time away info
•Messages administration in backend area
•Exporting message list in CSV format
•Customizable offline message

Now you can easily start video chat with best performance offered by nowadays tecnology thanks to Skype software directly from a Joomla! chat system. Skype bridge™ offered by JChatSocial let you start a Skype call with just one click. It’s enough that a user set its Skype ID inside chat options and it will be immediatly available to receive Skype calls!
Stop using Flash for slow and expensive video chat also unsupported on many mobile devices, stop to monthly fees for video streaming channel, now all that is required is Joomla!, JChatSocial and Skype software!
Skype bridge works also on mobile devices that use Skype App, this means that you can use JChatSocial on your device and start Skype calls in just one click.

JChatSocial is an extreme flexible communication solution, you can use it as a social chat system between Joomla! users, or you can use it as a live support tool to talk to your site visitors as soon as they come to your site, available as guest users that will be able to talk to your predefined set of customer agents.

All exchanged data remains within your server and performance can be fine-tuned based on your machine resources, so that also a shared hosting can run fine.

With JChatSocial interface you and your site users will feel like home, because it has been designed on most popular social networks chat systems like Facebook.

JChatSocial is the first native Joomla! extension that integrates with EasySocial and may be perfect completion also for JomSocial, Community Builder, Kunena, and more.

Today is most important chat in any place and on any device, JChatSocial is built on rock solid HTML5 and supports every device, browser and touch events to drag chatboxes easily with fingers.

This extension is available for ALL JOOMLA VERSIONS: 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.x family.