August 12th, 2012

JCodeJcode is an extension that allows you to enter in Joomla any kind of code (html, javascript, css, php, ajax and joomla API) !
There are already many extensions that allow the insertion of codes into our articles but they have an “unnatural” approach in relation to programming concept; in fact they force the programmer to work within the backend.
This limit exists because the various extensions save the code inside the database and, only in a second time, allow to edit it with an editor installed on joomla.
Unfortunately, this limit has several disadvantages:
* first, the layout of the backend of Joomla obliges us to work in confined spaces.
* second, we cannot use the text editor with which we are used to work and that we know better (including all the functions that simplify code writing)
* and finally, we cannot tabulate the code because this command in the browser means “go to the next,” very useful function for the form, but disastrous for code writing.

Jcode can create a file on the server and you can see it in the frontend by creating a specific menu item, in the same way you do for an article!
This allows us to access the server via ftp and then modify the file with our preferred text editor.
In addition to this Jcode also has a text editor (mirror code) in the backend in order to allow, directly online,to edit files for those who must work with hosts which do not have ftp access.
Everything is strictly free and open source, making Jcode an unique instrument!
For questions or reports, please do not hesitate to contact me!