JCreator+ My Menu

February 26th, 2012

JCreator+ My MenuAdd a new Bottom or Top fixed CSS3 menu to your site. (No javascript required is required but can be used for advanced features)

Include any Joomla! menu, some Modules, HTML, or Custom Link.

Social sharing links (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, RSS images included) and buttons(Twitter, Facebook, Google+)


My Menu is the successor to Bottom Bar and has been totally rewritten to include several new features and customizing options.
This basic package includes the base module, a black template, a social plugin, and a plugin to load modules in a menu or on the bar.
Features in this first release include:
Better menu handling (levels are now supported and only a single menu is displayed)
Top or Bottom positioning (Optionally use jQuery to position the bar instead of creating a new module position)
Social Icon Links or Buttons
Improved style handling (Easy to upload templates.)

After purchasing you should be redireded back to the download page. If not, then you can access you purchases at