December 19th, 2013

jDBexport allows you to deliver data from your databases (JOOMLA and others) directly to your users. Write any valid SQL query in the administration of this component and combine such queries into multiple Excel worksheets/workbooks. The query is executed when a user clicks the downloadlink (frontend or backend) and the current result of the query is delivered to the user as a downloadable Excel file.

NOTE ON JOOMLA 3.x compatibility:
Our “from scratch” rewritten version 3.1 (available as BETA3 in our download area) is compatible with JOOMLA 3.x.

jDBexport is forked from the well known (Joomla 1.5 data reports) extension SQL2Excel (actually SQL 2 Excel Pro).

Main features:
– on-the-fly, Ajax driven syntax check for your SQL queries
– scheduled automatic creation and delivery of workbooks to users by email
– include external databases (not only the JOOMLA database)
– use variable substitution to create individual reports (e.g. per user-id)
– use parameters to create individual reports on user demand
– format your reports with a wide varity of possibilities (color, fonttypes, fontsize, image inclusion, additional cells/columns/rows, and many others)

new features
– new color picker
– multilanguage support

jDBexport is available with a backend module and a frontend module (to provide quick links to workbooks) and a datagrid plugin (to embed worksheets in any content) and a datafield plugin (to embed a single cell from a worksheet in any content).

For helping with the translation of jDBexport into your own language, please visit or translation project at (