JE Booking

October 21st, 2011

Key Features:-

• Booking status display on calendar.
• Book the appointment using that calendar.
• Easy to install and book the event without login.
• Whole process using AJAX method without refresh.

Front End Side Features:-

User can see the calendar from front end side if user wants to book event then click on the date. There will be an event list on that date. User will select one event or more than one event. After click on Reserve now button. Then fill the form correctly and it will redirect on PayPal where user can pay the payment. If no book event than display “Available”, if any event book on particular that date than display “Partially Available” , If all event book on that date than display “Unavailable”.

If User wants to see the event information then clicks on that event. Whole process using AJAX method without refresh page user can book the event without login.

Back End Side Features:-
Category View:-
• Admin can add category in the backend.
Event View:-
• Admin can add Category wise events.
• Admin can also add event price, multiple date of that event, time of that event, Event photos etc…
Fields View:-
• Admin can add fields to Category or Event page.
Event Setting View:-
• Admin can set the PayPal E-mail and PayPal test mode for payment setting.
• Admin can also set the E-mail Template for user Mail and Admin mail like content of the Email will be set by the admin.
• There is a Calendar Setting and admin can set the calendar Header back ground color, Header text color, Body background color and Body text color.
• There is other setting like Google map display or not, Google map api key, Google Map width, Google Map height, How many calendar display in the front end, Image thumb width, Image thumb height, Light box enable or not, Title of calendar etc..