JEmail Config Verifier

October 21st, 2013

JEmail Config Verifier“Joomla Email Configuration Verifier” or shortly called JCV is a free tool which is a Joomla based Open Source utility plugin.

What is it ?

JCV is a free to use tool. Used specifically to verify your email configuration settings (at backend) easily.

Use it easily.

After installing this plugin, just enter your site’s email configuration values (in the backend) and click on Test Email button, conveniently placed beside the setting screen no extra scrolling. Instantly a test email would be triggered verifying the settings.

Once the settings are done satisfactorily then you can finally save the server settings and close.

1. Easy to use
2. Complete Time and resource saver while working at your site’s backend.
3. Now, you will not be required to save the Mail Settings again and again for test mailing the configuration entered by you.
4. Supports three mailers currently:-
a). SMTP
b). PHP Mailer
c). Send Mailer

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