October 19th, 2013

JESThis extension for Joomla! is a powerful search engine which uses ElasticSearch as indexer.

Here some features it provides:

* Results are ordering by pertinence.
* Boost on some fields. If a search word is in title it is more pertinent than if it is just in the content.
* Smart search. Our engine does not search the exact words which have been typed. The search is made by prefix so if you write part of a word it could return the whole word.
* Internationalization. Search results are in the same language that current user.
* Stopword. Common words (the, it, is etc.) are eliminated from the search query.
* Search words are highlighted in the results. The way highlighting is made can be modified. Indeed you can choose to bold results are use a special html tags.
* Each type of content has its own display. Different elements can be display depends on type of the result.
* PDF file can be easily indexed. If you have a component which stores pdf file, you can attach a file to content and make search in that content.

**You absolutely need to have an ElasticSearch server if you want to use this extension.**