January 11th, 2012

JetJomSame concept of my application Virtuemart Homework Now it time to work with joomla.

Video :

What is this and for what?

JetJom is simple fast adoptable disposable application for your joomla CMS. It is simple Microsoft access application. It will connect with your Joomla CMS core table and will bring the data in a desktop application format. Which is easy and fast to edit /Add.

JetJom will use a Simple DNS connection like following

JetJom >MYSQL CONNECTOR > Mysql Server/Joomla Database/Tables

JetJom is One Window Ms Access Application for Joomla it directly connect with Joomla Database and do important and most frequently used task which Joomla Administration Panel does.

JetJom can do that task without login to joomla website and without browser. Mysql connector will linked up JetJom and your Joomla Website.

JetJom will call all your website database and offer you to do following task more faster than doing at web browser:

Create Sections one by one as you working on ms excel
Create Categories in selected sections or Create Category and then put at any direct sections on same working window. If your website having huge contents then save time by using jetjom.
In next tab JetJom Browse all article exist in selected category as you click to edit categories parameters, By Accessing Articles in one line format you can quickly edit the articles property (ordering, publishing etc) without opening another window.
Then, by selecting a Article from Article tab, the next tab you will find your article in detail view where you can rearrange the text contents of that article and also update other properties.
And next tab the menu which relates to article will open here you can also edit that menu more freely than joomla.
JetJom will list all your menus and sub menus in next tab where you can easily view your menu structures as you click on any menu you can edit that menu in next tab and if there is article relates with that menu also filtered and bring to next tab for further action
At one click you can also bring all your modules list in one window sort, filter modules and edit just like joomla do,
At one click you can get all your user list do what every you like to do with your user data.

What should I do to use this application with my running online website?

You must install ms access 2003 or 2007
You must install mysql connector (already in zip package you downladed)
You must configure your DSN parameters correctly as shown in this video
Your hosting server must allow remote access to mysql / you must enable mysql to accept remote access by putting a range of ip.