JEx Autodelay Slideshow

August 20th, 2011

JEx  Autodelay  SlideshowWelcome to Autodelay Slide Show / Banner Rotator . This kind of module is perfect for keeping up to date your visitors about featured news, products, articles! It is very flexible and customizable to fit most of your needs.


* Loads JPEG , PNG , GIF images and SWF files.
* Auto slide delay by counting words in Description + Minimum delay setting for short descriptions.
* You can choose Title and Description X & Y location relative to the top left corner of the image/swf.
* Choose the description font size and color.
* You can also use use HTML tags!
* Auto generated Thumbnails previews for image based slides, so no extra image preparation(Optional).
* Option to manually enter the thumbnail for the swf files.
* You can choose to block thumbnails tooltips, autodelay,autoplay and more.
* Play Once option .
* External link associated with each description, color and text editable the Backend .
* A total of 15 Slides. You can choose to block any of them.
* Numbers appear at bottom to select any slide. Option to hide numbers on mouse rollout for a cleaner look.
* Visual timer bar, color and visibility editable in the Backend.
* If you choose small dimensions for the slideshow and the numbers does not fit on the showcase area, navigation arrows will magically appear to scrolling of the slide numbers.
* Adjust the “Tween From” , “Tween To” and “Tween Delay” values for the title and the description.
* Easy to resize, you can use this module at any required size.