JEx Banner Rotator

July 21st, 2011

JEx Banner RotatorThis type of banner rotator it’s highly effective as it’s very easy to use and customize it. It supports images and animated swfs and it also provides slide descriptions.

Banner Features:

– total width and total height;

– blur X and Y and blur quality for slide transition ;

– slide animation time and slide animation type(tweener animation type) ;

– description blur X , Y and blur quality for the description;

– the description is html formatted and it will properly resize;

– you can choose the description font size and color;

– the image or swf address, the destination url and the target( _blank ; _self);

– the option to block any images you don’t want;

-you can choose the time of displaying for each of the slide; for e.g: the first slide can be available for 4 seconds, the next one for 5 seconds, the next for 6 seconds and so on.

You can use this Joomla! module at any required size.


– the embedded swf files must fit the global size of the module; otherwise, the swf files will superimpose the image files and the module will not be able to autoresize the swf files.