JEx Multieffects Rotator

June 19th, 2012

JEx Multieffects RotatorA very nice and simple to use Joomla® module which can be used for a perfect presentation of your latest products , articles or images . This module does not requires any flash knowledge for the administration , everything being explained on the module’s administration panel. With the help of 21 higly customizable slide’s effects and slide’s text , you can create the perfect slideshow in a matter of minutes.


*Supports JPG , GIF , PNG and AS2 SWF files.

*Perfect resizable by setting the Width and Height of the module.

*You can also move the module inside every position of your website with the help of the settings : Global Pos X and global Pos Y.

*You can set multiple instances of this module on the same page of your website.

*You can choose to use random effects for the slides or to customize every effect on a slide by slide basis.

*Autoplay function can be set or the function can be stopped.

*Autoplay bar can be placed at the top or at the bottom and the color and transparancy can be customized.

*You can set a general display time for all the slides or on a slide by slide basis.

*The navigation betwen the slide is by thumbnails and buttons . The options for it are:

– Autohide function for all the buttons;

– Next , previous , play and pause buttons transparency;

– Width and height of the thumbnail

– Position of the thumbnails;

– Enable/disable thumbnails/buttons;

– Set a background for the thumbnails and set the color of it and the transparency;

*Slide by Slide Settings(see also the screenshots):

– Option to enable/Disable each slide ;
– Choose how much the slide should be displayed;
– Set or no an external url for each slide and set the target for it;
– Choose the effect type for every slide (effect 1…effect 21) and customize it your way with every effect settings( effect time , delay, slices etc.)
– You can set text for every slide in two text boxes and the thext can be also customizable . The text fields also comes with a variety of effects and settings such as: text position on the module(x and y) , text color ,size and background( color and transparency) , text appearence and delay time on the module etc.
Special characters support: ùûüÿàâæçéèêëïîôœószø ÇÝÜÙÚÛÖÔÒÓÕÅÀÁÂÃÄÈÉÊËÌÍÎÏÑäöß$€¢£¥™©&@.