JEx Music Player

March 2nd, 2012

JEx Music PlayerA very simple to use music player with support for MP3 audio files. It comes with a set of various settings to set the player ready for your Joomla!® website in a matter of minutes.

Features :

*You can set the width and height of the player ( recommended dimensions : 570X170 px).
*Choose the player to autoplay the songs or not.
*Choose to show/hide the playlist’s covers when the player is not set to autoplay.
*Choose to play/ block every file you need.
*The player’s color can be changed also.
*All the equalizer bar’s colors can be changed.
*You can add your personal logo image and set an external link for it.
*You can add lyrics/text for the music files and set the font color, size, bold type or not , selectable text ( to allow users to copy the lyrics) or not.
*Choose the mp3’s buffer time.
*For every mp3 file you can choose a cover(image file) , a rating , description and an external link(read more) for the description/lyrics.
*The module contains 30(thirty) predefined tracks.To add more please contact our support team.
*All the settings from the backend have tooltips included.
*Special characters support:

ùûüÿàâæçéèêëïîôœószø ÇÝÜÙÚÛÖÔÒÓÕÅÀÁÂÃÄÈÉÊËÌÍÎÏÑäöß$€¢£¥™©&@ąćęłńśż