JEx Page Flip Banner

February 12th, 2012

JEx Page Flip BannerA very nice and simple Page Flip Banner Rotator module for Joomla® based website. It can load AS2 based SWF files and Jpg,Png,Gif images.Very simple to use and understand, at any required size and in any position on your website.


*Perfect resizable by setting the Width and Height of the module.
*Slide by Slide display time for the banners(in seconds).
*Two cool Page Flip effects:horizontal and vertical.
*Option for random play the banners.
*Slide by Slide Title and Description for wich you can change the font color and size.
*Slide by Slide External URL for wich you can set the target to : _blank , _self , _top , _ parent.
*You can set also a Read more Link for the description box and the text for this Link.
*The module contains 20(twenty) predefined slides.
*The module has help text on the bakend . Just set up the Images or Swf files dimensions to the module’s dimensions and you are done.