JEx Spotlight

September 24th, 2011

JEx SpotlightA very easy to customize flash SpotLight effect for your text or image , especially for your banner ads.You can use it with any background(JPG / SWF ). With a few changes , you can have a very unique effect. You don’t need to know flash for making the changes, everything can be set up from the Administration Panel.


Global Width and Height.

* Choose an Image / Swf Background or not (transparent background).

* Text , text size.

* Letter Spacing(space between characters).

*Illuminated Text options:

– color;

– glow color;

– glow’s blur X & blur Y values;

– glow strength;

*Transparency value of the text when unilluminated.

* Color of the text when unilluminated.

* Color of the spotLight at the wall.

* Transparency value of the spotlight at the wall.

* Shadow of the text’s blur X and blur Y values.

* Shadow of the text’s “y” (vertical)position.

* Shadow of the text’s scale.

* Shadow’s color.

* Shadow’s Transaprency.

* Scale and power of the spotlight.

* Gradient ratio of the spotlight.

* Speed of the animation.

* External link option enabled or not.

Blank target for the external link.

Note: You must resize the image or swf for the background to fit the spotlight’s global dimensions.

Extremely easy to use and customize . Use it like a header or in any size and any position of your website.