JF Stats Force

April 28th, 2013

JF Stats ForceJF Stats Force – Real Time Customers & Visitors Analytics show exactly what your visitors are clicking on,
looking at, and ignoring. Find small changes that will lead to dramatic increases in visitor engagement and conversion.

The W Rules (Who, What, When, Where, Why)

These are the questions that must be asked to analyze the behavior of users on the site.

– Who’s on your site?
– What pages are they looking at?
– Where’d they come from?

Are they engaging with the content or just reading it?
When analytics become real-time, it’s not just that you get the information that you usually get faster.

Real-time analytics change the function of analytics.

It allows you to be proactive rather than just observative; you’re given the opportunity to respond to an event as soon as it happens.


It includes a analitycs backend component, a Real Time visitors modules for the frontend, and several plugins to install depending on the components to which you want to track visits.

** Front End Modules Statistics Features **

Site Users:
– Show Total Users Online
– Show Guest Users Online
– Show Registered Users Now

Site in this page Now:
– Show Total Users Online
– Show Guest Users Online
– Show Registered Users Now

Module Pages Underviewing:
– Show link that are underviewing
– For Each link it show Guest Users Online & Registered Users Online

** Backend Statistics Components **

– Display Statistics of Site
– Filter by Component
– Filter by Date
– Filter by Ip
– Filter by User
– Filter by Status (online / offline)
– Filter by Guest
– Filter by Referrals