September 27th, 2011

This is a Joomla module that displays your Facebook album into your website. You just need to get the public URL (found at the bottom of your Facebook album page) and put it as a parameter. Configure some other parameters and you’ll get a nice looking photo album in your website.

Your php host must have cURL enabled
This module shows album from the public URL at your Facebook album page (found at the bottom of the album page
This module only grabs the thumbnails and full-size images only. Don’t expect this to grab other elements/info from Facebook (i.e. comment, description, tag)

Why use it?:
You don’t need another gallery admin just for your website. Use Facebook to manage your album and just give the link to grab that album
As your album is hosted on Facebook your webhost doesn’t run out of space or bandwidth
Stylish Sliders to present your album
You can configure the total number of images
You can configure the layout and popup style
It reflects any update you make to your Facebook album, just after the time interval you set