December 6th, 2013

JGridDisplay & Edit Data & Images In Grid (spreadsheet) with Granular (Row and Cell Level) User Access Control. Custom SQL Queries. Query any data in Joomla or MYSQL database to show on your grids.

DATA GRID Component built on the popular EXTJS Framework. Features spreadsheet like DATA GRIDS to DISPLAY and EDIT tabulated data including Images for Joomla Websites in a TAB PANEL Layout. The free version allows the Administrator to add and edit data in the front end grids. The club(commericial version) includes a complete user ACCESS CONTROL system to control what individual “USERS” or “ROLES” (groups) can do to specific grids, sheets in grids, or columns. The free version has no cost ever and provides full access to our regular updates. The Club Commercial Version has yearly or unlimited lisences) Full Joomla backend capability to create custom datagrids with text, number, date, boolean and list box columns.

A. Data Grid Frontend Features:
—— Spreadsheet like user interface for viewing tabulated data. See our SCROLLABLE TAB PANEL User interface
—— Edit Row Data (Admin only in Free Version)
—— Sorting by Row
—— Grouping Rows
—— Row Color Change based on user selection
—— Paging Rows from Server
—— Filtering from Server
—— Access Controlled data editing (Club Version)
—— Column re-ordering and Hiding
—— Custom Popup Tips for Each of your columns to describe data
—— Ability to Create, Rename, Delete new Sheets. A “Sheet” is similar to an excel sheet.Grids can have multiple sheets(A good way to provide user specific data).

B. Data Grid Backend Features
—— Create Grids selecting various styles including columns, striped rows, row numbering, grid framing, etc.
—— Create Custom Columns
—— Manage Various Grid display Settings

C. Grid ACCESS CONTROL (club Version) – A complete user access control system to control what individual “users” or group “roles” can do to specific grids, sheets in grids, or columns.

o Control access by:
—— Grid
—— Sheet
—— Grid/Column
—— Sheet/Column
—— Sheet/Column/Row

o Progressive Access Assignments:
—— No Access
—— Viewer
—— Viewer / Download Images
—— Cell Editor
—— Row Editor
—— Add/Delete Rows
—— Sheet Manager,
—— Access Manager

o Full control from administrator backend, limited control for “Access Managers” in front end for specified Sheets

o Create Roles for Access Management or Manage Access by individual User

D. LANGUAGE SUPPORT – Designed to Support Joomla Language Packs (English Provided – Language Files available for easily translation to your local language for both front end and backend)

E. FREE & CLUB MEMBERSHIPS – Joomla component (Public) and a module (DATACLUB Members only) are provided to allow full integration into your Joomla Website. Club Membership also allows Access Control Configurations